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Property X : A New Way to Own Property

Property X is a property acquisition fund that allows you to buy a square meter at a time and lets you decide how long it will take you to buy the property.

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From Concept to Completion: The Lifecycle of an Infrastructure Project

Unveil the magic behind iconic skylines! Join us on a journey through conception to creation, featuring Joina City, Nyeredzi Ridge, and NMB HQ Building.

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The Future of Sustainable Construction: Trends and Innovations

Ready to peek into the future of construction? Join us on an enlightening journey into sustainable building practices! From futuristic materials to ingenious energy solutions, Southland Regional is revolutionizing the industry.

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Sustaining Prosperity: The Promise of Sustainable Infrastructure in Africa

In the ever-evolving tapestry of global development, few threads are as vital and transformative as the concept of sustainable infrastructure.

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Excellence in Engineering: A Look at Our Professional Services

Southland Regional’s Professional Services unit is the backbone of their infrastructure development efforts.

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Africa’s Infrastructure Deficit: Bridging Gaps and Unlocking Opportunities

Africa, a continent teeming with potential, is home to vast natural resources, a youthful population, and diverse cultures

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NMB Bank Zimbabwe’s Impressive New Head Office

NMB Bank has officially opened its head office at 19207 Liberation Legacy Way in Borrowdale Harare in August.

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